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Joining the IAFF

Joining The IAFF

Thank you for your interest in the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF). 

The IAFF represents more than 290,000 full-time professional fire fighters and paramedics who protect 85 percent of the nation's population. More than 3,100 affiliates and their members protect nearly 6,000 communities in every State in the United States and Canada. In addition to City and County fire fighters and emergency medical personnel, the IAFF represents State employees (such as the California Department of Forestry fire fighters), federal workers (such as fire fighters on military installations), and fire and emergency medical workers employed at certain industrial facilities.

The IAFF 16th District represents members that work for the federal governments in the United States and Canada .  If you are not a federal employee then you should contact IAFF headquarters regarding membership by calling 202-737-8484.

If you are currently represented by a labor union that is affiliated with the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), we are prohibited by a provision in the AFL-CIO's Constitution from discussing with you possible membership or affiliation with the IAFF.  This provision, known as "Article XX," prohibits AFL-CIO affiliated unions from interfering with the established collective bargaining or established work relationships of any other AFL-CIO affiliated union, absent a waiver by the AFL-CIO affiliate.  This provision applies irregardless of your membership in a union at your facility since federal sector guidelines allow unions to hold representational unit certifications even if employees do not join the unions present at the facilities.  For more information on this subject we suggest that you contact the AFL-CIO at 202-637-5000.

If you are a federal fire fighter and are not represented by another union that is a AFL-CIO affiliate and would like to discuss joining the IAFF and representation please contact the 16th District Vice President- James B. Johnson, at [email protected] or 202-360-1318.



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